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R-COIL (PC/Mac/Linux)

Bullets push back! R-COIL is an old-fashioned multidirectional shooter with a unique single button control scheme. · By Thalamus Digital Publishing Ltd.


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Join the R-COIL Star Champions!
Reach a score of 50,000 points or more to become an official R-COIL Star Champion! Just post a video of your run showing your score and we’ll send you an of...
Better Vectors
I had to push an update to fix a rare but game breaking bug (oops!) so I took the occasion to take some of what I learned working on Byte Driver and put it back...
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Less Bugs. Better Fireballs. Rainbowier Space-Lasers
I think that pretty much says it all...
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Bullets push back! R-COIL is an old-fashioned multidirectional shooter with a unique single button control scheme.
Open Beta!
Beta Release! This is it! Pretty much nothing left to do but fix the bugs. Tell me what goes wrong, or seems wrong, so I can fix it. If you buy/bought the game...
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Minor Bug Fix
The robot voice audio channel volume was not adjustable. It is now controlled by the sound effects volume slider, just like all the other sound effects. I fixe...
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Alpha Release!
Alpha?! This is really it!!! All of the gameplay features are in! All of the levels are designed! All of the bugs! Also, lots and lots of FIRE!!!! What comes n...
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Radial > Axial
I don't know why it had an axial dead zone but it doesn't now and it's much much better. That's it!...
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Minor Update
Just a little one... Persistent High Scores The option to disable the backdrop (for the vector purists) Nice little celebration at the end of a duel...
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Last post
After accidentally killing myself in the explosion of the last enemy of level 1 I didn't advance to level 2. No new aste...
started by VanAlphen Apr 01, 2020
4 replies
Bought the game on Steam, loving it! Thought I'd report a minor bug, and this forum was the only way I could find to con...
started by Drathro Jun 12, 2020
1 reply
Why is not claimable?
started by PeterLustig2050 May 26, 2020
2 replies
Every other game that normally has a cost and is free during the health crisis I am able to claim to my account so i can...
started by Cboath11 Apr 20, 2020
1 reply
So, I found this game during the sale. I couldn't claim it here, so I was wondering if you can get the steam key from th...
started by Arielberian Mar 28, 2020
10 replies
Is there a reticle I can turn on in this version for mouse use? I saw an old video of the Steam version with a reticle...
started by VanAlphen Mar 29, 2020
3 replies
Hello. When I attempt to download this game, the 'install' dropdown shows nothing. See the screenshot below. I did some...
started by Klokinator Mar 19, 2020
6 replies
..and thanks for all the fish..
started by NeverOnline Sep 01, 2018
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If you're reading this, you're probably brave enough to play this game before it's done! Cool! Please let me know what y...
started by Vector Hat Aug 28, 2017
8 replies