Open Beta!

Beta Release!

This is it! Pretty much nothing left to do but fix the bugs. Tell me what goes wrong, or seems wrong, so I can fix it. If you buy/bought the game here and want to help test the Steam build, just let me know and I'll send you a beta key. There's some extra features there (Cloud Sync, Achievements, Leader-boards, and such...) so some extra eyes over there would be appreciated.

New Mouse Controls

After watching some folks play-testing the game it became apparent that the point and click mouse interface was giving players a completely different play experience from the game-pad interface.  That's not what we want! R-COIL is a game-pad game by design. The mouse controls are there to accommodate players who don't have or cannot use a game-pad, not to give a second mode of play. In this case, the second mode of play was not balanced at all! So, now there's a new mouse control scheme that attempts to play much more closely to the game-pad.  I hope you like it.  I also hope you'll use a game-pad, if you can.  :)

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