Story time. Power-Ups. More Fire!

  • There is now a story.  I wrote it.  I hope it's not too terrible.
  • There are some new power-ups. Two of them are a whole new class of power-ups - Speed Boost and Inertia Dampers. They're permanent modifications to your craft and they stack! If you collect enough of them you can significantly change the way your craft handles. Go get some and tell me what you think.
  • Also, fixed a bunch of bugs that caused the game to stop progressing, especially in Stress Free Mode.
  • I also coded up this dangerous thing....
    • It's not in the game yet as I still need to do final level design pass.... SOON!

I'm getting quite close to a final build. Please let me know what you think and if you encounter any bugs. Thanks!

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Version 69 Oct 12, 2017 41 MB
Version 31 Oct 12, 2017 38 MB
Version 71 Oct 12, 2017

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