Better Vectors

I had to push an update to fix a rare but game breaking bug (oops!) so I took the occasion to take some of what I learned working on Byte Driver and put it back into R-COIL.

I changed all of the enemy craft from sprites to Unity Line Renderers. This gives the the game a more authentic vector look. All of the beams are the same width. Everything looks a little brighter and sharper. There are no more curves ANYWHERE!

This gets rid of the awful jagged lines on the big asteroids and the dim tiny asteroids. Both where caused by scaling the sprites. Now we can scale and preserve the beam width. Yay!

Old Vs. New

Files 21 MB
Version 97 Apr 01, 2018 41 MB
Version 59 Apr 01, 2018 38 MB
Version 99 Apr 01, 2018

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