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Memlog Hunter.10/thmw1: ‘Lost in space. Surrounded. Strange structures that build themselves – hive-like. And at their core, alien starcells... Must get home. Back to Hunter’s Moon. Must... survive! Am attacking now – full thrust – cannons locked in – FIRE!’ Little do you know what you face: over 180 levels of galactic mayhem. Hope you are a CLEVER psychoblaster – or else...'

Originally released in 1987, Hunter's Moon is a strategic shoot 'em up set in deep space. Beautifully presented and thoughtfully designed, the game became an instant classic thanks to its measured balance of strategic planning and psychotic blasting. Boasting one of the earliest uses of procedurally-generated content in a computer game, Hunter's Moon pushed the boundaries of the genre and helped redefine what a shoot 'em up could be.

Hunter’s Moon Remastered is a fully remastered, overhauled, and updated version of the seminal C64 shoot ‘em up. The game has been remastered for C64 cartridge and boasts a host of amazing new features including over 50 new levels, 5 new star systems, new level types, new music, new playing modes, stunning intro and outro sequences, built-in level editor, and enhanced presentation including foreign language support.

After flying your trusty ship Hunter too close to a black hole, you find yourself lost in space on the wrong side of the galaxy, surrounded by sprawling, hive-like cities. At the core of each city lie mysterious alien Starcells – these contain valuable navigational data and must be collected to plot a course back home.

The aim of each level is to blast through the hive and grab the Starcells, a task made more challenging by the invincible Worker cells which patrol the cities repairing any damage inflicted. These Workers also bring the hive's defenses to life, causing them to spew deadly spores that can only be resisted by using your ship's trusty Perma-Shields.

The game features over 180 levels spread across 21 star systems. When all the Starcells on a level have been collected you'll enter the Bonus Game where you can earn a Perma-Shield and an extra life. You must complete every level within each star system to advance to the next; however, should you manage to collect four flashing Starcells you'll automatically jump to the next system.

As you progress through the different star systems you'll encounter an array of diverse and challenging hive types, including Attackers that throw out deadly spores, Darkcells which are only visible on radar, Switchers that change direction without warning, Jumpgates which jump to random locations, and Blackouts which plunge the hives into darkness.

Do you have the dexterity, precision timing and psychopathic blasting skills to find your way home to Hunter's Moon...?

  • Over 180 levels spread across 21 Star Systems
  • New level types including Jumpgates and Blackouts
  • Trainer Version designed for novice players
  • All-new Random Mode to test seasoned veterans
  • Automatically save your game progress as you play
  • Stunning new intro and outro sequences
  • New in-game music and enhanced parallax starfield
  • Built-in Level Editor to craft your own cunning creations
  • Multi-language support for French, German, Italian, and Spanish
  • Bonus: Original 1987 version also included in the game
  • Full PAL NTSC compatibility (Remastered Version only)
  • Bonus: Now includes a C64 Mini version of the game!

"One of the most original and imaginative
shoot 'em ups ever released for the 64."
Commodore Format

"I'm always a sucker for shoot 'em ups, especially when they're
as good-looking, innovative and as challenging as this."


"It's a blaster without equal: a beautifully-crafted
combination of puzzle game and pulsating action."

Gordon Houghton, Lemon64

"Head and shoulders above the masses
of shoot-'em-ups currently on the market."
The Games Machine

Design, code, graphics, and SFX

Game soundtrack

Remastering and additional code

Cinematic sequences

Additional graphics

Production & inspirational input

Cover artwork and illustrations

The downloadable C64 digital version is designed for use with a C64 emulator – it cannot be used with an EasyFlash cartridge, 1541 Ultimate, or Turbo Chameleon. We recommend playing the game using VICE 3.1+, a popular emulator compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Therefore, there are two downloadable versions, one containing the game files, the other containing the game files plus a version of the VICE emulator. Both versions include a simple .BAT file to make running the game much simpler. Please be sure to consult the README file for more information.

Bonus: The downloads section now includes a special version of the game created especially for the C64 Mini, along with a "CJM" configuration file. Note that game saving is disabled in the C64 Mini version, both during the game and within the level editor - it is therefore necessary to use the C64 Mini's built-in save functionality to save your game and your level designs. Again, please consult the README file for more information.

The cartridge version of Hunter's Moon Remastered includes a cartridge, game manual, cover art postcard, and Thalamus sticker.  Status: Out of Stock!


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this Commodore 64 game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Hunter's Moon remastered (C64 Binaries Only) 19 MB
Hunter's Moon remastered (C64 Binaries and VICE) 40 MB
Hunter's Moon remastered (C64 Mini Version) 19 MB


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this game works on the mega65 with the c64 core, using the crt file from the c64mini file bundle

Great - thanks for posting!

Is there going to be a re-issue of the physical version at any point? Would love to see that.

Yes! This year! Hang in there!

Amazing - I've been waiting for this for years!


Mac users, just download Virtual C64. 

Then get the C64 Mini version download from here and drag and drop the .crt on Virtual C64.

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Heads-up that the batch file shipped does not work, so some gamers may not figure out how to play it unless they tinker. It does not take into account directory context. I edited it a bit and now it launches fine from the batch file:

@echo off

cd ../vice

start x64sc.exe -config vice_en.ini -cartgmod2 "../game_files/hunters_moon.bin" -gmod2eepromimage "../game_files/hunters_moon.eep"

Thank you very much!


Np. There's certainly a better way to script this, but it's simple enough that it doesn't need an elegant solution.


The TheC64 Mini (crt) version is working on MiSTer FPGA, thanks.


Please can we have a .PRG / .D64 release of this? It looks great!


Is it possible to get this fully working on the MiSTer FPGA?

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Just wanted to say how beautiful this is. Obviously the original version is great, but the modernisation adds much. The game looks amazing on a 1084S via original hardware and the intro cinematics are something else. Outstanding. Hoping and longing for Citadel and Snare remastered.

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Damn. Should have read the page more carefully. I don't want to play on an emulator and I can't play bat files. KungFuFlash can't play them either I guess. This is useless to me. At least it was on sale...


Yeah, wanted to play this on sd2iec too... guys, any chance for a .PRG release?

Wow. What an amazing update of the classic C64 game.  Updated and expanded with additional features to deliver an unforgettable retro experience.  Highly recommended to anyone who has not tried this superb game.  A classic title from Martin Walker & excellent music by Matt Gray. I would love to see the C64 game Citadel remastered one day. Well done and thank you to all involved in making this brilliant game.

Thank you!

Hi, I'm not very much into emulators, but managed to get the VICE version to run. However, I had no keyboard input, so after the cool intro, I was stuck at the title screen. What went wrong?


The game required a joystick, so within the VICE settings you will need to configure a set of "joystick keys". Go to Settings > Joystick Settings and choose a keyset for Joystick port 2.

Perfect fix, thanks! :-)

Bought this as part of the Racial Justice Bundle.. Can't find it anywhere in the bundle... :(

Sorry about that! There should be a download link on the main page. Otherwise you'd have to ping Itch support - they handle the bundling, not us.


Just go into your library - My purchases - Bundles - Select the bundle and search for Hunter, then you see the download :)

The remastered version is kinda better.

Hi, i got this in the bundle around Christmas time in a bundle. When i go to re-install Hunter's Moon i only get the option to have C64 Binaries and Vice. Don't see the C64 Mini Version. Please tell me how i can get the mini version without buying this again. Thanks

You need to log in and download the Mini version - that contains the files you need.

Thanks for that. I have now got it via the itch website. I thought i could get it via the itch app.

I already bought the physical cartridge version off you last year via your Indigogo campaign but would love to be able to play it on my mini too. Is there a means for people like myself to get this without having to buy it again please?


The physical versions unfortunately do not include digital versions; you'd need to purchase the digital version to play on the C64 Mini.

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I recorded some game play. I did buy it.  https://youtu.be/390TSxXGGNE

How do I load the game on a 1541 Ultimate 2+ ? 

As stated in the page above:

"The downloadable C64 digital version is designed for use with a C64 emulator – it cannot be used with an EasyFlash cartridge, 1541 Ultimate, or Turbo Chameleon."

Why is there no .crt file for download?

The game was developed for the GMod2 cartridge format and as such there's currently no way to run these files on the Ultimate. You would need to contact the makers of the Ultimate and ask for GMod support.

Explains a lot. Let’s hope Gideon’s Logic will add support for it then.

Will buy if I can play it on either my U64 / Ultimate 1541 / TC64 / or Easyflash ! 
In fact I will buy it anyway, provided these formats come as soon as possible !

As stated in the page above:

"The downloadable C64 digital version is designed for use with a C64 emulator – it cannot be used with an EasyFlash cartridge, 1541 Ultimate, or Turbo Chameleon."

Due to the fact that the game was made specifically to take advantage of the cartridge hardware, it won't be released in any other formats.

Will there be d64 version once you have a cart?  I wanted to check it out on a fpga c64.  I bought it but Im hoping I can get a d64 version down the road.


Unfortunately not - all our releases are GMod2 cartridge images, playable via the Vice emulator.

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hi how long will it be before protovision will have the cartridge to sell please?

Deleted 4 years ago

The cartridge version is available now from Protovision.

Can this game be played on the c64 mini?


Unfortunately not - this version is intended for emulators only.

That is something I want too ! Plus all the other formats..

You're in luck - a C64 Mini version will be added to the download package this week!

Hey , just confirming the cart version will play on a normal breadbin C64?

Of course - what else would you play it on? :)

Hi. Is there a way to convert the .bin and .eep files into something more common like .crt? I purchased the game yesterday, but would like to be able to play it on Virtual C64 on my Mac and VICE on my Raspberry Pi (RetroPie).

The included files should work with VICE no problem (see the README file contained in the package). We're putting together a step-by-step guide for Mac users.

Sounds great!

is there anyway we can get this running on a emulator to play on the c64?

Our products are designed and developed for C64 cartridge - this is the recommended format for playing the game on a real C64. 

Thanks for the reply i will buy the cartridge when it gets released as i really want to play on the level designer as its only the basic game on the pc one i have downloaded from yourselves.